The Unicorn

Welcome to the file upload page. We hope to gather memories of Nichole that are precious to those who knew her.

The site has some limitations:

  1. There are no batch uploads, meaning that each file will need to be selected and uploaded individually. If you have an immense amount, contact us directly.
  2. Only .jpg, .png and .gif are uploadable for images, .txt, .rtf and .doc file are acceptable for your stories.
  3. The files must be 3MB or less in size.
  4. The files will get a random name when uploaded, so people don't attempt to upload two different files with the same name.
  5. Please make sure that you have your name (if desired) somewhere in the story file.


  1. To select a file to upload click the browse button.
  2. An explorer window for your device should've opened, navigate to where the file to upload is stored and select it.
  3. Then click the open button. You will see the name of the file appear next to the browse button for you to confirm.
  4. To finish just click the upload button. You only need to click on the button once, depending on your internet connection this could take quite a bit of time, so please be patient.
  5. The page will be reloaded when the upload is finished, prompting you to either upload another file or view the gallery of images already uploaded.

Thank you.

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